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The products of biopro & vayugen is being manufactured by Alchem Diagnostics under a well trained and an able group of scientists, engineering and science. The vision behind this practice is to serve the society with a quality products with much effective cost. The company has a sophisticated laboratory in which the quality is being checked and analysed regularly before and after manufacturing. The company has its Administration, Production and R & D wing acting swiftly for the cause of the vision. Starting from the production till the despatchment, much care is given that the biopro & vayugen products are defectless and qualitative.

Our History


Alchem Diagnostics began its functioning as a trader in the chemical and reagents sector initially. Later the practice of trading was elevated to manufacturing during the early years of this decade and gradually by applying the knowledge in the science, biochemistry and biotechnology, the same has been established and well positioned now in the clinical and research sectors. The innovative approach in all that is being done here is promoting the company to elevate to higher levels. The company is under the process of obtaining ISO certification and CE markings in the products of biopro and vayugen. The company is known by the customers for its qualitative products.

Alchem Diagnostics

The turnover of the company has increased vastly and is commercially doing good business turnover during the last 3 years. The company shall strive to maintain this in serving the society by its manufacturing practice and supplying the need in medical and biotechnology sectors in the future. It has the plans to expand the range of research products of vayugen. The company will be stepping forward in doing the R & D much more than even and shall come out with its successive products to the society in future.

What We Do ?

Alchem Diagnostics
Our primary function is manufacturing the disposable products to supply the need of clinical and research laboratories. Our research and development personnel keep working all through to achieve the products with utmost quality. From the manufacturing till the supply, care is taken to see that the product is of excellent standard and every lot is checked for its function before packed for despatchment. Whenever in need our R & D personnel come out with a solution at times, updating and introducing their innovations to the customers. Our manufacturing practice is being supervised by a team comprising of engineers and biochemistry, microbiology ,pathology & biotechnology personnel.
Care is taken that the products of biopro & vayugen are best in all aspects, in appearance, performance and function wise. All our products are manufactured and packed in hygienic, sterile (in some) atmosphere. The products of biopro & vayugen is being distributed widely all over both domestically and internationally as well. The quality has been highly appreciated and is being maintained and worked to raise the same. Our products are both qualitative and cost effective that the customers have been increasing gradually. This practice would be maintained and our team would strive to increase the same in future too.