Biopro & Vayugen Products

Alchem Diagnostics has its products with the brand names of Biopro and Vayugen catagorised for Clinical and Research Disposable Products respectively. The two departments of the company manufactures qualitative products of its range keeping high standard in all its levels and stages of production till despatching.

Biopro - Diagnostic Products

Biopro products comprises of Blood Collection Tubes, both Vacuum and Non Vacuum , Disposable ESR Pipettes, Disposable Sterile Petridishes with various dimensions and Sterile, Non Sterile Specimen Collection Containers. All the products are manufactured using medical grade raw materials of Poly Styrene, Poly Propylene, High Density & Low Density Poly Ethylene, Poly Ethylene Terraphthalate, Poly Carbonate etc.

The additives for the blood collection tubes, being manufactured by the company itself are regularly been modified accordingly with the development of the Clinical Science. The Blood Collection tubes of Biopro stands high in its quality functioning and performance. All the components of the product are best in their range.

The Products for micro biological testing are sterilized with atmost care and provided with high quality standard packing for long sterilitity.  

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Vayugen - Molecular Biology Products

Research Disposable Products

The special products of the company are Molecular Biology range with the brand name of Vayugen, specially meant for Research Institutions. The entire range of the products of Molecular Biology are provided qualitatively . Kits for Genomic DNA Extraction, Plasmid DNA Extraction, RNA Extraction, DNA Extraction from Agarose Gels - Gel Extraction, PCR Purification are being supplied with Microspin, Minimax and 96 wells format according to the need of the customer.


Kits for pack sizes of 50, 100 and 200 tests are available. Customized products can also be supplied according to the requirement.

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